Your chickens need a safe space to sleep! Learn how to build the best chicken coop with these blueprints!

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How to Raise Chickens

Raising your own chickens…what could go wrong?

Maybe you're not sure how to choose the best breed, whether you need roosters or not, or how to care for chicks. You love the idea of chickens clucking around or even earning a side income from them but are unsure where to start.

Don't search any further! We've got you covered! Our How to Raise Chickens Course will teach you all of this and even more! In this course, we'll show you...

  • How to select the prettiest chicken breeds that also lay a colorful variety of eggs (cause beauty also matters, right?!)
  • How to avoid the top mistakes most people make
  • ​How to buy chickens at the right time and where to find them
  • How to build a coop that both serves a purpose and is beautiful
  • ​How to keep predators away
  • How to make money from your chickens
  • ​How to properly care for them
  • ​How to take beautiful pictures that capture extraordinary moments so you can share them online (and show off like a proud mama!)

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Whether you are a newbie at keeping chickens or would like to brush up on your knowledge, our How to Raise Chickens Course will help you to raise the happiest, healthiest chickens. All the while enjoying all the benefits, gratification, and fulfillment your chickens will bring to your family and farm. Some topics we will cover include:

  • Caring for baby chicks week by week
  • Routine coup and run care
  • What to feed your chickens
  • Wealth concerns and wellness
  • How to sell your eggs
  • Introducing new chickens to your flock
  • Thoughts on summer and winter care
  • And more!

"Annette's course is full of wonderful information that any chicken owner can benefit from! If you've not raised chickens yet, you will find this course especially helpful as there are many things you just don't know about when it comes to keeping chickens! I can't recommend it enough, and your flock will thank you too!" -Chloe



"I absolutely Looooove the Raising Amazing Chickens course. If you are looking to raise chickens or you’re just getting started this course will help you save so much time and it’s so funny too!!!" -Kelly