In this Homegrown course, we share some important soil tricks, but our SUPER SOIL RECIPE course is the complete guide to having super soil for growing the most nutrient-dense produce.

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Homegrown: Video Gardening Course

So many people want to start gardening but have no idea where to start. Either all your veggies eventually die or they haven't even sprouted. You feel overwhelmed with all the information out there and wish it could be more straightforward with a step-by-step guideline. Sounds familiar?

Well, lucky you, you found the ULTIMATE gardening course! No more plant killing!

We will show you exactly what you need to do to grow delicious, healthy produce in your own backyard. Whether that be on a farm or in the city. Soon you will enjoy produce from your own efforts and make garden-fresh recipes. This fantastic course will...

Show you how to become the best gardener in no time! You will learn to:

  • Cultivate the best soil "breeding ground" to get optimal results.
  • Control pests and diseases, showing those buggers who's really boss!
  • Be a master in seed starting, growing, and transplanting.
  • Discover the art and magic of companion planting. Somewhat like pairing your plant with the ideal partner ;-)
  • Plant fruit and nut trees so they grow 2 x times faster! 
  • Grow a gorgeous cut flower garden. 'Cause everyone loves dahlias!
  • Manage your garden when you have a busy schedule (who doesn't??)
  • The art of preserving and canning food.
  • And more! There's always more! 

This HomeGrown garden course is sure to turn your sad little, needs-some-love garden patch into the most colorful, juiciest, healthiest, nutrient-dense, and wholesome garden yet!

You can expect:

  • Gardening workshop videos
  • The ultimate gardening grow guide
  • A printable to plan for maximum results
  • Raised beds planting worksheet
  • Our very own HomeGrown super soil recipe

Go on, get the course! You know you want to (or maybe need to)! We promise you great results!

Time to grow!

What People Are Saying:

This gardening course was so helpful. I had done a little gardening before, but I never knew the importance of developing a strong soil base! This course i think is great for newbies and people who have been gardening for awhile and want to learn some new tricks!

Simone Granby